Our Winery

Passion for winemaking!

Our winery is located in the settlement of Revma in the Municipality of West Lesvos, between Vatousa and Hidira. At an altitude of 283 meters, at the square of the settlement, an old stoned house aroused our interest that it was the most suitable building for our future winery. The 3⁄4 of the building buried in the ground as well as the spring that runs from the back of the building, give the most suitable conditions of constant humidity and very low temperature, which are so necessary for the production of high-quality wines.

With these two elements, the old variety Hidiriotiko, planted on the lava, and the equipment of our non-visitable (at the moment) winery, which did not need modern mechanical equipment that we would create the appropriate winemaking conditions, we approached our goal which is to produce a wine, just as the older generations made it, with as little industrial and human intervention as possible.

With a complete internal reconstruction of the building, as required to have a modern winery, fully complying with the National and European rules and laws, we managed to marry the modern with the traditional, the old with the new.