Path through the lava at Lesvos

Path through the lava at Lesvos

How can it be that half of Lesvos is a small green paradise of trees and plants, and the other half dry? The answer to this question can be found 16 to 21 million years ago.

Lesvos is an island of volcanoes. It was then when the Central and North Aegean was shaken by intense volcanic activity and large volcanic structures were created in the western part of the island.

Volcanoes such as Vatousa and Agra shocked the entire region with their eruptions and created impressive landscapes, rocks, volcanic geoforms and hot springs.

In the end a unique ecosystem was created in Western Lesvos which is characterized by the volcanic porous soil, suitable for cultivation of the wine-making variety exclusively on lava, which the ancients used to call it “wine-grape”.

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